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Ligature Journal is a proud collaboration between Tiliqua Press, final year students at Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney, and design professionals and thinkers from around the world. All of whom have generously donated their time, skills and insights to bring you thought-provoking publications.

For every issue, a new team of student designers will explore a topic dedicated to the mind, the soul or the body. In every issue, designers and creators from an astonishing range of fields give us their insights on that topic, and share their experiences with us. Each issue is a journey that we are excited to bring to you!

Here you will find information about Ligature Journal, and how and where you can purchase both current and previous issues. There are articles available to read, and a short film to watch. You can follow our blog or register to stay informed about the journal, and the other exciting projects happening over at Tiliqua Press.




Simplicity. Designers love it. Designers hate it. Many designers don’t understand it, confusing it with simple and simplistic. Truth is simplicity in design is about managing complexity and though the end result may look simple, even obvious, at its best simplicity in design is anything but.


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