Ligature Journal is an independent voice for a community of people excited by design. Our writing provides thoughtful and intelligent insight into design and the thinking at its core.

Ligature Journal is also a teaching tool, providing valuable and in-depth experience in editorial and print design to a small team of intern designers who make up the design team for each issue.


We thought that Issue 5 ‘Simplicity’ was not only a great read but looked great too. As it happens the judges at the 2018 AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) Awards think so too. The issue HAS MADE IT TO THE FINALIST LIST for this year. Woo hoo, we’re so happy. Get a copy to find out what they liked so much.


As designers, we have an interesting and varied relationship with touch, and this is certainly reflected in the diversity of responses to our theme from our contributors. So metaphorically warm up your hands, and let us welcome you to the ‘Touch’ issue of Ligature Journal.

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