Welcome to our new Resources section

What’s a website without free stuff? Rather dull perhaps? So starting in January 2019 we will be posting useful resources here on a semi-regular basis. These Resources (a link for those reading this from the blog page) are for designers and they are in addition to our Blog and the selection of Articles that we publish on-line some of which are from Ligature Journal.

As mentioned all this content will be free for you to use personally but we would appreciate it if you could attribute this website as the source as we are sharing it under a Creative Commons non-commercial license. To the best of our knowledge we have not taken it from anywhere else either.

And we will be happy to use this section to post answers to questions about design too. So jump over to our contact page and ask away.

And our first post – a huge glossary of Pre-press and Printing Terms, a lost so long we needed to spread it over seven posts.



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