Be a part of The Design Project


Are you a post-graduate student of design? Do you have important and interesting ideas about design—or an amazing design project —that you would like to share? We would like to hear from you.

Back when we were dreaming of what this journal could be, we agreed that it should highlight the work of designers at the very start of their careers. The design teams that create each issue of the journal are all students or recent graduates. They craft every aspect of the look for each issue —from cover to cover, headlines to footnotes. They illustrate and photo­graph, design typefaces and infographics. Now we are looking for more ways we can tell the world about the extraordinary work young Australian designers are doing. We are introducing ‘The Design Project’.

‘The Design Project’ is a section of Ligature Journal dedicated to the work of post-graduate students. We want to publish the fruits of your long, hard labours at the coal-face of design thinking. We want to celebrate the results of your hours (and hours and hours) of trial and tribulation as you bring a new design project to light and life. If you have a piece of research, or a piece of design, that you want the rest of the world (or at least the bit that reads our Journal) to hear about, please get in touch.

Things you need to know. Ligature Journal is not a peer-reviewed journal, but it is a place to talk about what matters to you in the world of design to people who share your passion for design that matters. Each issue of Ligature Journal is inspired by a theme and we prefer to publish work that responds or touches on that theme. The next few issues of Ligature Journal are dedicated to the importance of place in design—place and the mind, place and the soul, place and the body.

To find out more specific information about how to contact us and what we need jump over to the Contribute page.



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