Peter Drew & “Real Australians Seek Welcome”

In our latest issue of Ligature Journal you will find a brilliant interview with Adelaide artist Peter Drew, chatting to us about his project “What is a REAL AUSSIE”.

Drew’s project involved printing and distributing 1000 posters of Monga Khan, an Aussie folk hero whose story has been hidden within the Australian National Archive for 100 years. The project aims to breathe new life into Monga Khan’s identity and history through re-imagined folklore, personalise the impact of the White Australia Policy, and revitalise what it means to be a ‘real Aussie’.

Sound awesome?

Well, Drew has a new project in the works and is asking for your help to print and distribute 3,000 posters across Australia. “Real Australians Seek Welcome” consists of 250 different poster designs for every indigenous language group in Australia. You have the option to help fund the project – for as little as AU$5, or for AU$50 you can even get your very own print of the now iconic Monga Khan poster. Of course there are also many other items you can get when you donate. Alternatively find out your local language and help distribute posters in your local area.

You have just 9 days left to help fund this project! Check out his Pozible campaign.

And of course you can buy a copy of Ligature Journal to read our interview with him.


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