Meet Anti-materialist Greg Foyster

Greg Foyster

This week we are pleased to announce that anti-materialist Greg Foyster will be a contributor for Ligature Journal Issue One! Greg started out his career in advertising; but after some soul searching he quit his job and began writing about sustainability and social issues. But writing about it was not enough for Greg, so he decided to make some drastic changes to his life.

From March 2012 to November 2012, Greg and his partner Sophie Chishkovsky discarded most of their belongings and cycled 6500km from Melbourne to Cairns (via Tasmania!) visiting simple living communities and people, and camping along the way. The result was Greg’s fascinating book ‘Changing Gears’, in which he documents what he sees as a massive social movement towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. He explores what living simple involves — from growing your own food, mending your own clothes and buying fewer consumer products. Greg believes that only great things can come from such an experience.

It certainly has changed Greg’s life. Keep our eye out for Ligature Journal Issue One to find out more about Greg’s incredible journey, what he is doing now, and his thoughts on stuff.

UPDATE: You can read his article in our section of free articles, where you will find a selection of full articles and snippets of others from all of the published issues of Ligature Journal.


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