Issue Zero

For the very first issue of our newly reborn journal, we asked our student publication team and our contributors— people who consume, produce, study, think about and love design — to work with a theme. And that theme was ‘Recreating the New’.

One contributor explained it this way:

Change is constant, and yet everything that is continues to echo everything that was.

Like time itself, we move forward in perpetual motion, driven by our instinctive need to constantly ‘recreate the wheel’, striving for the ultimate perfection. This is the human intellect at its most creative. We push and pull the limitless boundaries of our imaginations, and yet the basic human needs, wants and desires rarely change or vary.

Humans remain fickle by nature, and so are endlessly compelled to view all things from new and unique perspectives. We have even created an array of buzz words, statements and cliches to encapsulate this instinctive drive. Pushing Boundaries, Raising the Bar, Keeping Up With the Jones’, Thinking Outside the Box. As we develop and redevelop. Create and recreate. Invent and reinvent. Old styles and fashions are revisited and reconsidered using a combination of new technology and the time honoured skills of yesterday, creating the fashions and styles of today.

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Release date: December 2015



Featuring: Prof. Peter MacDonald, Alex Torcutti, James T. Edmonson, Neil Barnett, Andrew Barnum, Mike MacKay, Pia Betton, Matt Leach, Laurie Goodridge, Silvia Daminao and Jamie Engel. Specifications: 92 pages, Grange Offset from KW Doggett, printed 4C process managed by SEED Print Group