Ligature Journal Issue Two – Design for Good

Issue Two Design for Good

Issue One may have only just hit the shelves, but here at Ligature Journal we are hard at work on Issue Two. A fresh team of design students at Billy Blue are in the middle of bringing a journal jam-packed with thought-provoking content from contributors from all over the world, and from all fields of design.

This issue is dedicated to the theme of ‘Design for Good’. (Almost) everyone we speak to agrees: as designers we have a responsibility to use our skills for good. But like many seemingly easy concepts, it is surprisingly hard to define exactly what is meant by ‘design for good’. Does it mean designing for a good cause? Designing products that do good? That make people feel good? Or inspire people to do good themselves? Or does it mean design that is meant to last?

Issue Two is going to explore all these interpretations, and more. We have sought out designers and thinkers who have embraced their own definition of ‘designing for good’ and are willing to share their insights. We will be sharing our journey with you right here, so stay in touch!

Sound good?


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