Introducing Eloise Rapp of The Social Outfit

The Social Outfit

Next up in our slow reveal of our wonderful contributors is Eloise Rapp. Eloise is an experienced and talented artist and designer, working particularly with textiles. She also contributes her time and skills to the fashion store and social good enterprise The Social Outfit.

Based in Newtown, Sydney, The Social Outfit’s public face is a vibrant store stocked with one of a kind fashion and accessories. These hand-crafted pieces are created by refugees and new migrants, whose work with The Social Outfit allows their skills and craftsmanship shine whilst creating income and stability for themselves.

Eloise will be sharing another, less public, side of The Social Outfit’s initiatives – a course on textile design she led at a Sydney high school which embraces, encourages and educates its large refugee student population with the help of professionals like her.

The Social Outfit, is an amazing initiative combining compassion and fashion to create a profitable business that allows people like Eloise to truly design for good.


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