Introducing Ala Sieradzka

It is always wonderful to be able to connect with design students from across the globe, and have the chance to feature their stories in Ligature Journal. So we were very excited to hear from Polish graphic and product designer Ala Sieradzka.


As the final part of her Masters Degree she created ‘Bono’, a product which has provoked a lot of interest and brought her critical acclaim as a finalist in Young Design 2016 (a nationwide competition organised by the Institute of Industrial Design, Warsaw).

Bono is an easy-to-use at-home composter small enough to be kept in an apartment kitchen. It utilises the help of an earthworm compost species to turn food scraps into natural fertilizer. Compact, ethically produced and a little bit cute, Bono blends sustainability and simplicity into a product that people will actually use.

Ala generously has shared her design processes, giving us insight into one student’s experience with tackling the challenges of including ‘good’ in a variety of aspects of a design. Bono might be small, but it is a great example of how one person can make a difference even while they are still studying.


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