Hey There! Want to design a magazine?

Here at Tiliqua Press we are on the hunt for about six interns to work with us on issue nine of Ligature Journal.

What would you be doing?

You will spend one day per week in our studio for up to 16 weeks (up to about 150 hours) taking a bunch of articles and turning them into a full magazine. You will literally start with a blank page and will develop and refine all aspects of the design and illustration of the publication. Then you follow it through the pre-press process and on to the printer (yes, a press check and printshop tour is included).


Shoot us a RELEVANT portfolio showcasing your skills (5 projects max).

This MUST be submitted by 5pm Friday 7th February 2020 to Felix Oppen.

Interviews will be conducted the following week. We may also ask you to perform a series of tasks to enable us to judge certain skill levels that you will need.

What do you get?
  • an insight into the publishing industry,
  • practical experience of the constraints and structure of magazines,
  • a chance to enhance your skills in style guides, layout template and their application to long-form design,
  • the opportunity to develop your skills in designing in response to content of a text, through the application of typography, photography and/or illustration,
  • an understanding of how to marry a fixed style guide and specific design response to a text,
  • increased competency in relevant software tools,
  • an introduction into the function and environment of an active design studio,
  • experience in the publication design process from the brief, through the pre-press processes, to the printing and distribution of a commercial product.
The internship will commence the first week of March 2020 at our studio in St Peters (Sydney).
To make the internship worthwhile for you, you:
  • WILL be able to demonstrate competence in the tools required, i.e. Adobe Creative Cloud,
  • WILL understand the cooperative nature of the design process in complex projects such as a magazine,
  • WILL be able to take direction,
  • WILL be able to work in a team,
  • WILL have skills in typography, and photography or illustration,
  • SHOULD have an interest in design and the wider world in general,
  • SHOULD be prepared to show initiative,
  • SHOULD have a passion for editorial design,
  • SHOULD have a passion for print design.
  • We assume that you will have your own computer and up to date Adobe CC.
  • It will also help if you have read the odd magazine and have good understanding of written English.

About Ligature Journal

Ligature Journal is the printed voice for a community of people who are interested in design and the thinking that goes into design. A community that expresses itself through design, that celebrates and explores the ideas that inform and connect design across a multitude of disciplines. A community that loves exciting design. Our writing is always thoughtful and intelligent, and supplied by mature practitioners.

Issue five of the Journal was a finalist in the 2018 AGDA AWARDS and issue six was a finalist in the 2019 AGDA AWARDS.

Each edition comprises some 88 pages plus cover. 750 copies are printed, funded entirely by Tiliqua Press with funds recouped through commercial sales. The bulk of the magazine is printed at a commercial printer in Sydney, however, a portion may be printed on our letterpress in Tiliqua Studio. There may also be an opportunity to design ‘merch’ to accompany the printed issue.

For information about Tiliqua Press and more about Ligature Journal. Find out what previous interns thought.