Made By Refugee

Kien Quan and Jillian Young | Designers

Photo courtesy of Kien Quan


A passion project that exploded into a worldwide movement. Made by Refugee was designed and created by Kien Quan and Jillian Young (students from Miami Ad School in the US) to remind the world of the priceless contributions that refugees have made all across the globe.

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Good Books on Typography a Wish List, two


In this second post, I continue my answer to the question on every young designer’s lips, what are some good books on typography?

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Welcome to our new Resources section

What’s a website without free stuff? Rather dull perhaps? So starting in January 2019 we will be posting useful resources here on a semi-regular basis. These Resources (a link for those reading this from the blog page) are for designers and they are in addition to our Blog and the selection of Articles that we publish on-line some of which are from Ligature Journal.

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Good Books on Typography a Wish List, one


What are some good books on typography?

This is a question I get asked surprisingly frequently. Or not so surprising really. I get asked this because I used to be a lecturer in design—and I like teaching typography heavy subjects. I also get asked this because the magazine we publish, Ligature Journal, is run as a learning experience in editorial design for a team of design students and recent graduates. As part of that experience I am insistent, and vocal, on the importance of good typography.

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Conveying Touch: design and making of issue six


Every issue of Ligature Journal has a theme, and for issue six that theme is ‘Touch’. We wanted to do more than write about touch, we wanted to literally convey the physicality of touch—to design and make an issue that was a joy to touch.

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Will you be our next Emerging Designer?


Are you a young designer a year or two out of uni? We know what it is like. Young designers graduate from the (relative) comforts of university only to disappear into the sea of, well, more designers. It is hard to find opportunities to get your names out there and your amazing talents recognised. Here at Ligature Journal, we’re all about showcasing the talents of young designers to the world.

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Meet Braille Bricks | An Experimental Project


This project might seem familiar to some of you and you’d be right! We visited Braille Bricks back in issue 2 – For Good. Learning and playing, these two things go hand in hand. But what if you could combine the two AND bridge the gap between children with and without visual impairment?

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Check out what’s inside past issues with our flick throughs

Hey there.You might have noticed we’ve been creating animated flick throughs for all of our published issues, it’s a great way for you to get a little sneak peek at what’s inside.


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Be a part of The Design Project


Are you a post-graduate student of design? Do you have important and interesting ideas about design—or an amazing design project —that you would like to share? We would like to hear from you.

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Emerging Designer – Emma Newnes

Emma Newnes | Designer



The journey to design starts early for some people. We interviewed Emma Newnes and found that was most definitely the case.

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