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There’s nothing like a good magazine and if you’re missing a few issues of Ligature Journal? Well there’s nothing like 3! We’ve bundled issues 0, 1 and 2 and 3, 4 and 5 together in two neat little packages. Just to refresh your memory, this is what each issue is about –

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Introducing two great new ways to get your hands on Ligature Journal—faster and cheaper.

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What we do

Ligature Journal is a publication for anyone who loves design. Whether designer or non-designer, reader or contributor, we invite you to discover and examine design in all its forms. Our goal is to add to the design discourse with a distinctly Australian voice. We want to challenge, inspire and inform you. Most importantly we want to celebrate design and the people who practice it.

How we do it

The journal is an ongoing collaboration between Tiliqua Press and a small group of highly motivated final year students and/or recent graduates from the communication design programs of design colleges and universities in Sydney, Australia. To date we have engaged emerging designers from Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University), University of Technology, Sydney, Western Sydney University and Shillington College. These young designers, produce and promote the journal working to a truly professional standard under the mentorship of experienced designers. They work with content gathered predominantly from design thinkers from Australia, predominantly, and from around the world.

Not only is every issue unique in content but each design is unique too. Our process begins with each issue virtually starting from scratch with new grids, type and colour palettes for each issue. This is not common magazine practice we know but it is a design publication with a largely new team for each issue. Drawing on the particular strengths of each team makes sense, so why shouldn’t we have some fun and let the designers soar.

So jump in and join us

If you want a deep-dive into the issues of design, if you want to explore the potential and possibilities of design—its ethics, philosophies and impact—please join us! After all, with a subscription you receive a 10% discount on the already reasonable cover price. Which is pretty neat.

Oh, and a subscription would make a pretty cool gift. If we do say so ourselves.

Check out our flick through animation of issue six!

Hey there. We have created an animated flick through of Ligature Journal issue 6, touch.

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Instagram: smccolldesign

When you talk to designers about how they found their way into the profession, you often hear a story with its origins a long way from design. Although Sarah McColl graduated from Billy Blue, Melbourne in 2015, her journey to a career in design – service design, to be precise – encompasses just such a journey. We wrote to her and asked her to tell us her story.

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Annika Keogh graduated from CATC in 2014 and landed her dream job with DKO twelve months later. Initially, Annika was hired as the receptionist for the architecture firm BUT after only a few short months was appointed the position of Junior Interior Designer. LJ04’s Sam O’Brien asked her the tough questions about her job and her views on disruption.

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Weapons of Mass Disruption – Three

Disruption in Design’ is a specific act of challenging convention in how a company conveys its key messaging to stakeholders. It’s about designers being channel agnostic when considering how a piece of key information is communicated. It’s about turning normal on its head and considering alternative ways of engaging audiences.

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Weapons of Mass Disruption – Two

‘Disruption’ has become such a buzzword that it makes me recoil in horror! In my type design practice, ‘disruption’ simply means a new way of doing things or a new way of looking at things.

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Weapons of Mass Disruption – One

Disruption in design, to me, means throwing a red herring into an otherwise straightforward communication, whatever that may be. (advertising, logo design, illustration, poster, packaging etc).

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As we edge closer to the launch of Ligature Journal Issue Five, we thought it would be nice to update you all the cool places you can find us in your area.

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An Almost New Team for Ligature Journal Issue Four


The theme of Ligature Journal Issue Four is Disruption. Which for us is a most appropriate theme – not only for the content, but also for the way the journal will be produced. As you can see from the team photo, this is a much smaller group than has worked on previous issues.

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