Cover Story: Issue Eight

The cover for Ligature Journal is probably our most playful cover design to date. In the world of magazine design so much occurs on a computer screen before it translates into print.

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An Industry Awards Night

Photo by Jono Searle/Getty Images for AGDA


Late last year I, my partner, and our one staff member attended a design industry awards night, the AGDA Awards for 2019. It’s only the second time in a career spanning nearly 30 years that I have been, the first was the year before. (It’s also only about the fifth time we have ever entered work.)

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Say hello to the team of issue nine!

Left to right: Stella Ho, Thy Mai, Julia Favaloro, Huy Nguyen, Georgia Urie, Samantha Jones and Helen Yu.

We are very excitedly starting on the third instalment of our three edition series of the magazine and before our team gets knee-deep in work there are introductions to be had! For issue nine we have graduates and students from UTS, UNSW and Billy Blue, lets meet Georgia Urie, Helen Yu, Huy Nguyen, Julia Favaloro, Samantha Jones, Stella Ho and Thy Mai to get to know them a little better.

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A Year of Making


Being creative requires effort, and a constant flow of new ideas. If you are a designer, and I presume you are, you will know this. Keeping up the flow of new ideas is hard as well and it is possible to lose that stream. When this happens you need to find a way to refresh the source of ideas.

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The team of issue eight!


As we are now well under way working on the next issue of Ligature Journal, we thought we’d take a moment to introduce our newest team to you. This team is made up of students from UTS and UNSW (a first for us). So, let’s get to know them! From left to right we have: Queenie Chan, Diana Vo, Rachel Holt, Jisu Im and Lydia Morgan.

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Annette Harcus’ advice for young designers

Annette Harcus advice for young designers


In a recent sit-down with Annette Harcus, we took the chance to ask for her advice for young designers, this is what she told us…

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Harcus Design, a thank-you

Harcus Design

Harcus thank-you
Maine Beach / Ligurian Honey. Harcus Design. Photography by Mark Burgin


Behind every good design studio is a team of people who contribute their time, skills and ideas to craft the perfect execution for their clients projects. This is no different for Harcus Design.

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An Issue Seven roundup

Behind the scenes issue 7


We gave you a little taste of what it’s like behind the scenes in issue six’s bts video but for issue seven we decided to show you a little bit more of our process. We’ve even made a little video for your to watch!

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Brands — The New Pantheon

Jacqueline Hill MDes | The Glue Sessions | Designasaw



This paper explores the elevation of ‘brands’ to a near religious status within present day society. It aims to provide some considerations into the consumer’s identification with the dominant brands by focusing on influential communication and semiotic vehicles such as ancient symbol paradigms and neo archetypes.

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Life After LJ with Matilda Wilson

Matilda Wilson | | @matildawilsoncreative

It’s always interesting to see where interns and junior designers end up after their first few experiences working inside a ‘real’ design studio/agency. In this series we’ll be catching up with designers and interns who have worked on various issues of Ligature Journal.

Let’s see what they’ve been up to!


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