Please Do Not Touch

Jane Connory | Designer/Educator/National Head of Communications DIA



As Jane Connory says in her opening sentence the Venice Biennale is a feast for all five senses. However, nine words set inconsistently in a number of typefaces, five in Italian and four in English repeated ad nauseum present a serious inhibitor to one of those senses, touch.

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Arthur Koutoulas on Touch

Arthur Koutoulas | Interior Design Consultant



Each and every material has its own unique finish, inherent colour and texture. In commercial interiors your selection of materials is driven by the concept/scheme and whether it is fit for purpose. The material is the physical link to the environment and is the tangible link to telling a story. The material gives the environment depth, texture and layers. The material is the physical manifestation of the vision. It allows the user to touch!

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Design Research Project – The AHA

The AHA by Chat-Kuen Eric Yueng (left) , Jinlong Song (right) | Design Research Project



Eric and Jinlong are completing their Masters in Design at UNSW Art and Design. While they share a background in graphic design, Eric focused on digital media in his undergraduate studies, while Jinlong specialised in interactive design. They also share a belief in the power, and necessity, of design to improve the lives of others. Here is a [brief] telling of their project’s story…

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Plastic: The Lightest Touch of All

Eliza McAlister |  Design in Fashion & Textiles, Creative Intelligence & Innovation


Plastic: The lightest touch


Plastics have dominated the consumer marketplace since their commercial development in the 1930s and today the extensive use of plastics is well established in western civilisation. Plastics are ubiquitous in industry and have properties that make them desirable in the production of a range of products. While plastics have had a substantial impact on all areas of society they have also been detrimental to the environment. One significant area of concern is the invisibility of plastics which have now become inconspicuous as everyday products. To raise awareness of how plastics touch all areas of society it is essential to increase empathy for the victims of plastic pollution, raise awareness and encourage consumers to influence governments and business.

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Simplicity with Kevin Finn

Kevin Finn | Graphic Designer


Keeping things simple sounds so easy. But it’s not. It’s incredibly difficult to achieve successfully, and it can be even harder to maintain over the long-term. Oftentimes, simplicity is dismissed as being obvious. We assess the outcome and judge the results as something a child could do, equating ‘simplicity’ with ‘easy’. But that undervalues simplicity and overlooks the process.

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Cameron Tonkinwise | Philosopher & Design Educator

A violin is a fairly simple device: four strings suspended over a wooden box that amplifies the vibrations of the strings as they are bowed. A violin is not, however, a simple device to play well. It is complex and difficult to bow the strings in just the right way to make the strings sing; to hold down the strings with your fingers at precise points so that an exact pitch is vibrated from the strings; and then to coordinate your fingers as your bow leaps from one string to another to make a striking melody.

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Just Breathe

Liam Carver | Designer

I went to Taiwan to attend a Buddhist Monastic Retreat.

It was a great chance to escape life and do what I thought I really wanted to do, hide away from the world in a monastery for the rest of my days. Little did I know I’d stumble upon one of the greatest things I’ve ever learnt, and I’d never have guessed it’d come about the way it did;

In a 7-day Intensive Meditation Retreat.

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Lateral Creative Disruptors


Anyone involved in creation for work or play, designers, artists, musicians, architects, engineers and the like will at one time or another will face a block, a creative block. it might be complete, the proverbial blank sheet of paper on which ideas refuse to appear, think Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in the The Shining, or it might be a single track, train of thought, line of reasoning that obviously leading nowhere is nevertheless somehow inescapable.

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Collective Craziness in the Exquisite Corpse


Illustration by Emma Sheehan

The game known as Exquisite Corpse is an invention of the Surrealists from the 1920s. The name is derived from the – typically surreal – phrase Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau.” (“The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine.”) André Breton, the principal founder of the Surrealist movement, reported that the game started as fun but eventually became an enriching and useful creative tool.

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If it ain’t broke

Jacqueline Hill | Graphic designer & Design educator /

Disruptive thinking is a term that is a part of what I call the ‘lingo du jour’. It was developed and introduced into the contemporary lexicon by Clayton M. Christensen and his team in 1995. It represents cutting edge thinking. It is the holy grail of the R and D (research and development) and design departments of many an international corporation and institution.

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