Ligature Journal is the printed voice for a community of people who are interested in design and the thinking that goes into design. A community that expresses itself through design, that celebrates and explores the ideas that inform and connect design across a multitude of disciplines. A community that loves exciting design. Our writing is always thoughtful and intelligent, and supplied by mature practitioners.

Ligature Journal is also a teaching tool, providing valuable and in-depth experience in editorial and print design to a small group of intern designers who make up the design team for each issue.

Ligature Journal has received the following industry recognition:

  • Issue 9—MERIT AGDA Awards 2020 (Publications – Whole magazine )
  • Issue 8—MERIT AGDA Awards 2020 (Publications – Whole magazine )
  • Issue 7—MERIT AGDA Awards 2020 (Publications – Whole magazine )


  • Issue 9—Finalist AGDA Awards 2020 (Publications – Cover Only)
  • Issue 8—Finalist AGDA Awards 2020 (Publications – Cover Only)
  • Issue 7—Finalist AGDA Awards 2020 (Publications – Cover Only)
  • Issue 6—Finalist AGDA Awards 2019 (Publications – Whole magazine )
  • Issue 6—Finalist AGDA Awards 2019 (Publications – Cover Only)
  • Issue 5—Finalist AGDA Awards 2018 (Publications – Whole magazine)


Ligature (typography): a combination of two or more letters into a single symbol

Ligature (printing): a stroke or bar connecting two letters

Ligature (general usage): anything that serves to bond or tie two things together

bond one

Ligature Journal is a publication for anyone who loves design. Whether designer or non-designer, reader or contributor, we invite you to discover and examine design in all its forms. We hope to challenge, inspire and inform you, but most importantly we want to celebrate design and the people who practice it.

If you want a deep-dive into the issues of design, if you want to explore the potential and possibilities of design—its ethics, philosophies and impact—please join us!

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We live in a world of curated feeds and niche marketing, which is fine as far as it goes. But as designers we need to look beyond the borders of our own disciplines in our search for inspiration and information. In Ligature Journal, you will find offerings from within a variety design practitioners butted up together providing the potential for a cross-fertilisation of ideas, thinking and inspiration from one discipline to another.

To provide an organisational framework—to make our lives easier—we have chosen to group the many design disciplines in the following loose categories—

Communication (including graphic and digital design; design that employs words and images),

Experience (including design that affects us in intangible ways),

Object (including industrial, product and fashion design; the design of things we use, hold and wear), and

Spatial (including architecture, environmental, landscape and interior design; the design of the environments in which we move).

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Ligature Journal is an ongoing collaboration between Tiliqua Press and a small group of highly motivated final year students and/or recent graduates from the communication design programs of tertiary institutions in Sydney, Australia. To date we have engaged emerging designers from Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University), University of Technology, Sydney, UNSW Art & Design, Western Sydney University, Enmore Design Centre (TAFE) and Shillington College.

What we provide is a bridge between college and industry—guided experience in editorial design, typography, image creation, and the issues surrounding design for print. The skills these young designers acquire or build on translate to most forms of communication design, both print and digital.

While the journal benefits from their enthusiasm, energy and fresh viewpoint, these young designers get real-world experience in the challenges and rewards of their chosen industry under the mentorship of experienced designers. For each issue, the path the designers take begins with 90-odd blank pages and ends with the finished issue: from the development of an editorial design template (grids, type and colour palettes), through the sensitive application of that template to the layout of individual articles, to pre-press preparation and finally a press check at the printers.


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The journal is an initiative of, and owned by, Tiliqua Press.
Issues are released by Tiliqua Press, and can be purchased from the Tiliqua Press online store.



Tiliqua Press, the publisher of Ligature Journal, acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional owners of the land and waters upon which our premises stands.