Introducing Claire Connelly of Papercut

papercut studio

The time has come to start revealing some of the talented and generous people who are contributing to Issue Two of Ligature Journal. We are excited to introduce Claire Connelly, the founder and creative director of the inspiring graphic design firm, papercut!

Papercut can make the proud claim of being Canberra’s first sustainable graphic design firm. The six women who make up the studio are dedicated to providing brilliant, innovative design and exceptional service, all with an environmental and social conscience. A quick journey through their website shows how central this conscience is to their business – their values are outlined prominently and with pride.

We spoke with Claire Connelly to gain an insight into what it takes to run a successful design agency without compromising either good design or design for good. She, and papercut, stand firmly behind the belief that good intentions are no excuse for bad design, and that all clients deserve the best that good design can offer them. It is their position that it is a graphic designer’s responsibility to offer pro-bono and low cost services to organisations that require them.

Get ready to for a thought provoking discussion of the challenges and benefits of running a profitable design agency whilst designing for good in every sense.


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