Meet Warehouse TERRADA

Warehouse Terrada

With another week behind us we welcome yet another contributor to Ligature Journal Issue One, Warehouse TERRADA. Warehouse TERRADA began in the 1950’s as a designated warehouse for the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Since then Warehouse TERRADA has expanded dramatically, using their industry-leading expertise to store and preserve many facets of Japanese culture, from architecture, music and the visual arts.

Unlike your average storage facility, where unwanted lampshades and catalogue collections go to die, the spaces Warehouse TERRADA offer are designed to encourage and promote the curatorship of valuable cultural assets to be passed on to future generations. They have used the inspiration of the World Heritage listed treasure house of Shosoin to create amazing and beautiful places to inspire others and we will be exploring two of them: PIGMENT and the Archi-Depot Museum.

Stuff is all around us and the majority of us could probably fill a storage container with our so called valuables. Warehouse TERRADA is dedicated to helping people choose which important artefacts of Japanese life and culture should be preserved, and combines this commitment with a passion to educate, so the memories these artefacts hold will be preserved with them.

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