Weapons of Mass Disruption – One

Disruption in design, to me, means throwing a red herring into an otherwise straightforward communication, whatever that may be. (advertising, logo design, illustration, poster, packaging etc).

For example (visual art/design): turning a crucial or keyword or image upside down; changing the size of something to alienate it from its “family”; creating a space where something “ought” to be…. generally making the viewer “uncomfortable” within the ordinary to hopefully initiate a conversation about the meaning of such an act.

As an illustrator, I am drawn to those with audacity in illustration and one of the most innovative designers/artists/ thinkers/ disruptors to me, is the wonderful Michael Agzarian, creator of the notorious Hopeless and Clueless etc posters. Working out of his inner-city Sydney design studio, Michael put his own money into producing the posters and stealthily distributing them around town.

(Latest target: Dutton…watch out for these).

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