Ligature (typography): a combination of two or more letters into a single symbol

Ligature (printing): a stroke or bar connecting two letters

Ligature (general usage): anything that serves to bond or tie two things together


Ligature Journal: connecting thinking and design


bond one

Ligature Journal is a publication for anyone who loves design. Whether designer or non-designer, reader or contributor, we invite you to discover and examine design in all its forms. We hope to challenge, inspire and inform you, but most importantly we want to celebrate design and the people who practice it.

If you want a deep-dive into the issues of design, if you want to explore the potential and possibilities of design — its ethics, philosophies and impact — please join us!

bond two

Ligature Journal is an ongoing collaboration between Tiliqua Press and a small group of highly motivated students in their final year of a Bachelor of Communications Design at Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, Australia. These students design, produce and promote the journal under the mentorship of experienced designers. While the journal benefits from their enthusiasm, energy and fresh viewpoint, the students get real-world experience in the challenges and rewards of their chosen industry.


Ligature Journal is printed in Sydney, Australia with the generous support of SEED Print Group.

The journal is an initiative of, and owned by, Tiliqua Press.
Issues are released by Tiliqua Press, and can be purchased from the Tiliqua Press online store.